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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Emergency Relief

By donating to an Emergency appeal you are helping cbm meet immediate and also long-term needs of people with disabilities affected by disasters. cbm’s Emergency Response is not only fast and effective, it is also sustainable.

Disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hunger crisis or typhoon’s like Haiyan have a huge impact on human infrastructure, lives and livelihoods. To help the most vulnerable people – people with disabilities – cbm follows a three-phase relief and recovery programme:

1. Emergency Relief
cbm is on the ground working with partners and other relief organisations to provide clean water, food and shelter. cbm ensures that Emergency response is inclusive and matched to the special needs of people with disabilities. Therefore cbm eliminates barriers for people with disabilities to gain access to food, clothes, shelter and local emergency programmes. In addition cbm provides medical assistance and distributes assistive devices like crutches and hearing aids.

2. Barrier-free Reconstructions cbm Emergency Response
cbm includes people with disabilities in planning and implementation of reconstruction. In this way cbm ensures that infrastructure, services, information technologies and communication systems are accessible for everyone. Furthermore cbm offers psychological and social support, which is essential given the trauma experienced by people during disasters. In this instance cbm has launched a programme providing apprenticeships, which assists people affected by disasters to rebuild their lives, and overcome trauma at the same time.

3. Long-term Livelihood
cbm supports children and families with disabilities by providing a hand up from poverty. For example the gift of a cow can sustain a family with nutritious milk, which may also be sold. In addition the family receives advice and instruction in agriculture to provide for themselves and in many cases their community too.

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