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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Restoring hope and dignity to young women living with fistula

Projected project start: 2016
Local partner: Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT)

cbm is supporting Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation Tanzania (CCBRT) which is the second biggest provider of Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) services in the country. Fistula is a treatable condition, yet many women are not able to access the services available to them.

Together with CCBRT and supporters like you we aim to reach more women and remove barriers which prevent women in Tanzania from seeking treatment.

Fistula just does not happen in the Western world, as we have access to obstetrical medicine.  It is estimated that 2-3.5 million women live with obstetric fistula in the developing world, and between 50,000 and 100,000 new cases develop each year. It is important for women to have  access to medical services so to keep babies save and protect young mothers from the tragedy of fistula.

Untreated, fistula can lead to chronic medical, social and psychological problems. This condition isolates women. They are often excluded from daily activities. Family support may be withdrawn and husbands frequently leave. Many women live with the condition for decades, unable to access the medical intervention that can change their lives.

cbm is ensuring women with fistula in Tanzania have access to medical services and their needs are recognised by highly skilled nurses and doctors. cbm supports CCBRT to cover the salaries of hospital staff including medical support service staff in the pharmacy, laboratory and X-ray and anaesthesia.
                                                                                          YOU CAN ENSURE WOMEN WITH FISTULA RECEIVE QUALITY MEDICAL SERVICES

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Merina is a young woman who dreamed of having a child. But her dream became a nightmare. She was in labour for over 24 hours until her family realised her life was in danger and brought her to hospital many hours away.

Sadly Merina had lost her baby boy and she sustained a fistula due to the birth complications. Find out how Merina has found new hope thanks to cbm supporters...

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