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Indonesia Earthquake Appeal

Indonesia Earthquake Appeal

Please DONATE NOW to the Indonesia Emergency Appeal

Your help is urgently needed to provide life-saving essentials.    Terrifying earthquakes struck Indonesia on 28 September in Central Sulawesi, with the strongest a magnitude 7.5 quake. The earthquakes triggered a deadly tsunami with waves as high as six meters, causing major destruction in and around the Indonesian city of Palu.

Over 50,000 people have been displaced and over 1,400 people are confirmed killed with these numbers expected to continue rising rapidly. The damage is significant. Up to 1.5 million people who live in the area may be affected.  The government of Indonesia has declared a state of emergency and a call for help.

What is cbm doing?

cbm’s country office and partners are responding, in collaboration with other agencies and the Indonesian government. We will work to ensure that persons with disabilities and their families can access relief and recovery services and that any specific needs are met. cbm has conducted a joint Rapid Needs Assessments and will provide drinking water and food, health care, rehabilitation and trauma services, shelter kits and shelter repairs. We work with local organisations of people with disabilities to identify people with specific needs.

cbm also advocates to government and other aid agencies for inclusion of people with disabilities into relief and rehabilitation efforts.

Please help those most affected. Donate today. Online or call 0800 113 114

What are the needs?

Immediate life-saving needs include food, water, health services, emergency shelter and blankets, with those with disabilities especially vulnerable. 

Longer term, re-building and reconstruction of infrastructure is needed. People with disabilities will need medical services, psycho-social support, assistive devices and rehabilitation services. 

In any emergency people who live with a disability are among those most affected.  It’s the forgotten, tragic story of disasters and emergencies. Warning messages may not be seen or heard, damage to wheelchairs, glasses, and hearing aids, and the inaccessibility of emergency shelters all compound the problem when basic humanitarian services are disrupted.

At the same time, disaster situations can increase the number of people who experience disability, both short and long-term, due to injuries sustained and lack of effective medical services.  

How can you help?

Please help. Donate today.  Online or call 0800 113 114

Donations raised will help to provide essentials for those most affected and ensure those with disabilities are not left behind.

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