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Impression from cbm's "Taste & See" Afternoon Tea Event
Oct 3, 2015

"Taste & See" Auckland in pictures

Our event "Taste & See - The cuppa that keeps on giving" was a lovely occasion to meet with our wonderful supporters. It was an afternoon tea full of hope,…
Twende Kasi - Count me in
Sep 18, 2015

Twende Kasi - Count me in

Twende Kazi is a song that was composed and produced by Robert Kamanzi, popularly known as RKay, and performed by a number of leading Kenyan musicians affected by or passionate…
Uganda: Some of the children who took part in the games pose for a photo with CoRSU CEO Malcolm Simpson and the guest of honour, the Hon. Minister of State for Elderly & Disability, Sulaiman Madada. All the children were awarded with medals.
Aug 10, 2015

Let's celebrate our youth on International Youth Day 2015

International Youth Day is celebrated annually on 12 August, and this year the theme is ‘Youth Civic Engagement’. This day seeks to promote young people’s effective inclusive civic engagement at all levels. Active inclusion and input of the youth –…
Basavanna has a severe locomotor disability. Loans from the Chamkol programme's Revolving Fund Scheme have helped to ensure that he can support himself through his business of bicycle repairing.
Aug 4, 2015

Post-2015 outcome document is disability inclusive!

cbm International welcomes the new post-2015 agenda which is disability inclusive and promises an equal, inclusive and sustainable society for all. Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development The final outcome document of the post-2015 agenda was announced…
Pinali is deafblind. She receives rehabilitation and education via the CBM-supported Blind People's Association in Ahmedabad, India.
Jun 26, 2015

International Day of Deafblindness

On 27 June 2015 we celebrate International Day of Deafblindness. This day encourages more awareness and action for deafblind persons.
Diana lived with the shame and discomfort of fistula for 23 years. Four weeks after successful surgery at cbm partner hospital, CCBRT, Diana is thrilled to return home and spend time with her friends and family.
May 22, 2015

International Day to End Obstetric Fistula '15

On International Day to End Obstetric Fistula (23 May 2015) we speak with Dr. Vindhya Pathirana, obstretic surgeon and head of the vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) department at our partner organisation, CCBRT in Tanzania. cbm: Please tell us a little bit…
Annie bakes brownies to fundraise for cbm.
Apr 22, 2015

9 year old Annie saves 464 people from going blind

Annie, a 9 year old girl from Wellington, has truly made a difference: She saved 464 people from going blind due to river blindness! You are probably wondering how she did that? We recently received a cheque for $232 and…
© Robin Wyatt 2014: see  Every child with severe disabilities is entitled to enrol at his or her local school and receive education through a Home Based Educator (HBE). Jyothi, an HBE, is pictured here working with her own brother, Siddaraju, who has severe learning disabilities.
Apr 13, 2015

A matrix of change - inclusion in India

Here we highlight our partner organisation 'Mobility India' in Bangalore, India, that focuses on supporting people with disabilities through rehabilitation services and poverty alleviation. The cycle of poverty and disability in India Disability is both a cause and consequence of…
Fiona Morris
Mar 12, 2015

During transition we welcome Fiona as cbm's Acting CEO

Fiona Morris, our Marketing Manager - Engagement, is excited to lead cbm New Zealand through the time of transition as our Acting CEO. She is looking forward to meeting you and sharing the stories of lives transformed. During this interim…
© CBM  Neha has been diagnosed with glaucoma in both her eyes. Here she is seen along with her grandmother at a CBM partner organisation - the Biratnagar Eye Hospital (BEH) in eastern Nepal.
Mar 11, 2015

Sight maintained, dreams restored

Neha is a 12 year old girl from India and is affected by glaucoma. This World Glaucoma Week 2015 she talks with us about her journey and how life never has been easy for her. Tough childhood I am the…
© CBM/argum/Einberger  Dr. Heiko Philippin examines Zaina (right) during outreach activities by CBM partner Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) in Tanzania.
Mar 11, 2015

Celebrate with us the World Glaucoma Week 2015

cbm celebrates World Glaucoma Week from 8-14 March 2015. The theme this year is 'Beat Invisible Glaucoma'. On this occasion, we speak with our colleague Dr. Heiko Philippin, an ophthalmologist working in Tanzania. What is glaucoma? Glaucoma is a disease…
Jamila Amadou, who has untreated club feet, gets a push through the sand from a young woman in Kiota, Niger.
Mar 5, 2015

Women with disabilities are women too

Women with disabilities don’t have to be forgotten sisters. Together we can MAKE IT HAPPEN – as the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day states. Stephanie Ortoleva a highly recognised author and international human rights lawyer tells cbm why…
International Women's Day 2015
Mar 5, 2015

Women with disabilities can work at the frontline of development

Disability is often created by social structures. We talked to Sonja Vasic, who is a medical doctor and has a disability herself about the barriers that women with disabilities still face. As a disability activist Sonia shares the for her…
Ayawavi Moudon, 25, is one of four deaf workers at Credaniah Nouvelle Coupe, a high-fashion tailor shop in Lome, Togo. She dreams of eventually owning her own boutique.
Feb 26, 2015

Excessive exposure to noise: a life sentence? cbm joins the defence team

Exposure to excessive noise - a life sentence? It doesn't need to be because it's avoidable. Join our defence team and see based on a hypothetical story how a preventable hearing loss affected Amanda's life. Exposure to excessive noise is…
Rajani received the National Role Model Award from The President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee
Dec 8, 2014

cbm India Member receives the National Role Model Award

On 3 December 2014 we were celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the efforts of people with disabilities, who challenge and overcome the barriers they face. What made this day even more special was the national role…
Make your Attitude count by watching the video clip and help break barriers that people with disabilities face.
Dec 2, 2014

Make your Attitude count

Have you ever looked past the ability of a person with a disability? Take a look at this 2-minute video clip which does not focus on a person’s disability but ability. Across the world there are many common attitudes and…
Mike Potter on his handcycle.
Dec 1, 2014

Technology has given me full life - despite having a disability

Mike Potter, our Marketing Manager Acquisition, acquired a paraplegia as result of a motor vehicle accident. Despite this tragic event Mike is faith-filled, perpetually optimistic and nothing is too hard. Today he tells us how technology impacted his recovery, what…
World Glaucoma Week 2014 - Beat invisible Glaucoma!
Mar 12, 2014

World Glaucoma Week 2014 - Beat invisible Glaucoma!

World Glaucoma Week 2014 runs from 9-15 March, the week aims to raise awareness of glaucoma worlwide. Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness worldwide after cataracts, however unlike cataracts, glaucoma is irreversible. cbm ophtalmologist Dr Heiko Philippin…
Sign language – the key to education!
Feb 14, 2014

Sign language – the key to education!

What is it like to be deaf? Imagine being a child living in one of the world’s poorest countries and being excluded from communication and social interaction due to deafness. Visualize how your everyday life would look like and how…
International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Nov 28, 2014

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

This week cbm celebrates! On 3rd December 2014 it’s the International Day of Persons with Disabilities – a day that this year promotes “Sustainable Development: the Promise of Technology”. What is International Day of Persons with Disabilities? The International Day…
Eye Camps are changing lives in India
Feb 5, 2014

Eye Camps are changing lives in India

In today’s world, 90 percent of the 285 million people with visual impairment live in developing countries. Thereof 39 million are blind, and 246 million people have low vision. * WHO: Visual impairment was the foundation of cbm's work…
"Members of the cooperative are like a family. We don't want Haiyan to torn the family apart." Group of members. Jemalyn & Myline have asked the men to stay with them to keep them safer. Men from left to right are: Christian, Elmar and Edgar Philippines after typhoon Haiyan, November 2013.
Dec 2, 2013

cbm “breaks barriers and opens doors” by reaching a group of women isolated by the typhoon

Group of women with disability: “If we stay here, we die of hunger. If we leave, we lose everything we lived for.” On the mountain side of Tacloban slightly elevated above the city, the cbm Rapid Assessment Team found a…
CBM Rapid Needs Assessment has spent 3 days supporting persons with disabilities in Tacloban City, one of the most affected areas hit by Typhoon Haiyan.
Dec 3, 2013

Celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2013

 “Break barriers, open doors: for an inclusive society and development for all”! this year’s theme of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December. Today over one billion people live with some form of disability, 80% in…
The Masked Philanthropist
Nov 10, 2013

The Masked Philanthropist

cbm presented - a dining event to reignite the senses! Renowned chef Simon Gault's Euro Restaurant delighted the taste buds with four exquisite courses complemented by New Zealand fine wines. Attendees dined blindfolded or masked by cbm to heighten awareness…
Amidst tents filled with clients injured in the aftermath of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake and continuing aftershocks, there was also a tale of hope and optimism as 25-year-old Ganga gave birth to a baby boy.
Jul 28, 2015

Three months of inclusive response in pictures

Since the earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April, cbm, with partner organisations, has reached more than 15,000 people in the worst-hit districts. To ensure that everyone can access relief with equal ease, including the most at-risk groups such as…
Thousands received help in Nepal
Jul 14, 2015

Thousands received help in Nepal

In the emergency response cbm International has reached thousands of people with disabilities and many people who sustained injuries as a result of the earthquakes that hit Nepal. July 25th marks the 3-month anniversary of the first big earthquake. To…
Purna Maya lived with her father, Maila, in a mud house in Kavresthali village, situated about three kilometres from capital Kathmandu. She has cerebral palsy and has never received any treatment.
May 25, 2015

Battling seven cold nights under the open sky

Purna Maya has celebral palsy and is dependent on her father Maila. When the earthquake struck Nepal Pruna was inside their mud house which collapsed on her. She was buried under debris but Maila managed to pull her out of…
Aarti was admitted in cbm partner 'Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children' (HRDC) when the earthquake occurred on April 25, 2015. Her grandmother Dalatya carried her and ran out of the medical ward into the open area. Since then Aarti has been quiet and crying most of the time. Earlier, she was an active and cheerful child.
May 25, 2015

The Earthquake took Aarti's smile

Aarti was admitted in cbm partner 'Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children' (HRDC) when the earthquake occurred on April 25, 2015. Her grandmother Dalatya carried her and ran out of the medical ward into the open area. Since then…
HRDC clients (from left): Rohan (10) and Ganesh (12) and Dharmendra (8) share a light moment as they walk around the premises of HRDC (Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children) after the second big quake on 12th May.
May 25, 2015

Nepal earthquake - one month on

Since the earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April, cbm, with partner organisations, has reached more than 3000 people through outreach camps in some of the worst-hit and least-accessible districts. We are using the knowledge and resources of Nepalese Disabled…
The Nepal earthquakes caused major damage.
May 13, 2015

Another earthquake strucks Nepal

A new powerful earthquake has struck Nepal with a magnitude of 7.4 on May 12, 2015, killing even more people and causing many more injuries. The epicentre of the quake was centred east of Kathmandu in a hilly area close…
Indira (right) sustained a severe spinal cord injuries when her house collapsed on her in the Nepal earthquake. Her sister Mandira is visiting her in the special ward for female patients at cbm's partner 'International Nepal Fellowship' (INF), in Pokhara.
May 11, 2015

Buried under debris Indira survived the earthquake

Buried under the debris of her family’s mud house Indira sustained a spinal cord injury. Medical help was out of reach. Indira had to go through immense pain until she was transferred to a hospital four days later. The earthquake…
CBM partner Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children in Nepal (HRDC) organized an outreach/ disability relief camp in Sipaghat village in Sindhupalchowk district, to provide medical care to victims of the earthquake. The team of 20 medical and paramedical staff attended to a total of 133 clients, with all kinds of diseases and injuries.
May 4, 2015

Relief camps are on the way...

Ashok, our RCS Field Coordinator joins the "Disability Relief Camps" to Sindhupalchowk - a district that has one of the highest number of casualties. In his blog article he shares with us how horrified he was himself when the earthquake…
Rajendra survived the earthquake
May 1, 2015

Rajendra crawled for his life when the earth quaked

When the earthquake shook Nepal and everyone ran outside their homes for shelter and safety, Rajendra was left behind. He has polio which is a disease that affects both his legs to an extent that he cannot stand or walk.…
This image shows Patan Durbar Square, Lalitpur city, which experienced significant devastation
Apr 28, 2015

Nepal earthquake: Questions & Answers

Questions and answers on the Nepal earthquake, including the importance of ensuring a disability inclusive response. What happened?On 25th April 2015 at 11:41 local time a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, with the epicentre 81km northwest of Kathmandu. There were…
On 25th April 2015 at 11:41 local time a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, with the epicentre 81km northwest of Kathmandu. There were tremors of up to two minutes and by evening, at least 18 aftershocks had been felt.  By 8pm local time more than 800 people are known to have died, with more than 2000 casualties. The number of casualties is expected to increase greatly as information is collected.  This image shows the collapsed building described below by Mitralal Shrestha, CBM Nepal Finance and Admin Officer.
Apr 26, 2015

Catastrophic Earthquake shakes Nepal

A massive earthquake struck Nepal’s capital Kathmandu on Saturday morning, 25 May 2015. Thousands feared dead and injured. A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.8 has shaken the Himalayas Nepal and adjacent regions in India on Saturday morning. The epicenter was…
Please donate to ensure that no one is left behind in the Emergency Response to Cyclone Pam
Mar 25, 2015

Our Pacific neighbours with disabilities need help

Imagine navigating damaged roads and buildings if you are unable to see, hear or walk. Cyclone Pam has had a huge impact on human infrastructure, lives and livelihoods, particularly for people with disabilities living in Vanuatu. cbm is prioritising the…
Typhoon Hagupit hits Philippines
Dec 5, 2014

Typhoon Hagupit hits Philippines

Typhoon Hagiput – locally known as Ruby – made landfall in the Philippines on the 6 December. cbm is monitoring the situation. Typhoon Hagupit (locally named Ruby) made landfall on the Eastern Samar coast, near the town of Dolores (link…
Typhoon Haiyan: a classroom for children with disabilities
Nov 3, 2014

Typhoon Haiyan: a classroom for children with disabilities

Mardy Halcon from our cbm South East Asia & Pacific Regional Office is amazed by the achievement of cbm’s emergency response in terms of rebuilding “better”. In the following blog article “A day in an awesome place with wonderful kids”…
Typhoon Haiyan: People with disabilities help rebuild
Nov 3, 2014

Typhoon Haiyan: People with disabilities help rebuild

As part of our emergency response to Typhoon Haiyan cbm is rebuilding a dormitory and seven classrooms for deaf students that were damaged by the storm. People with disabilities are actively involved to rebuild "better". As part of its response…
Lucky Boy (pictured here with Rebecca, his grandmother) will be one of the first students using the new resource centre.
Apr 9, 2014

Access to education – Rebuilding after Haiyan

The resource centre of Carles School in Iloilo which was completely destroyed by typhoon Haiyan has been rebuilt. Gordon shot the before and after and highlights the impact this has on children with visual impairments. Sitting here in the air…
 This image shows Norlyn Caneso, a Disabled Persons' Organisation member, who stayed at the tent relocation centre waiting for a wheelchair to become available for him.
Feb 3, 2014

“We are invincible!” – the ongoing story of Typhoon Haiyan

Almost three months ago Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on 8 November 2013 - one of the strongest typhoons ever to hit land. It left nothing but devastation, hopelessness and innumerable sad fates: 14.5 million people affected4.1 million people…
Vera (centre) with her son (left) and grandchildren at the site of their destroyed home.
Jan 20, 2014

A voice from the Philippines - Ageing and Disability Focal Points

David Lewis is currently seconded from cbm Australia to cbm’s emergency response in the Philippines. He is sharing with us how people with disabilities he met in the typhoon area, taught him a great deal about human courage. I woke…
Video: Inclusive food distribution on Paney Island
Dec 17, 2013

Video: Inclusive food distribution on Paney Island

cbm has almost completed the first phase of its three-phase relief and recovery programme. Now cbm is now working on the next phase of recovery and focuses on “building back better” and ensuring reconstruction efforts are inclusive. From 20 November…
Cerilo and his family draw hope
Dec 17, 2013

Cerilo and his family draw hope

Receiving food and survival supplies makes a huge difference to people like Cerilo and his family although it is immediate aid only. It brings back joyful smiles and Cerilo’s family draws hope. After all what Cerilo went through, being blind…
A man smile joyfully having just received much needed emergency relief items. CBM and ADP Iloilo Food and survival supplies distribution Concepcion, Paney Island, Philippines. - Philippines after typhoon Haiyan, November 2013.
Nov 26, 2013

In pictures - cbm food distribution in the Philippines

cbm’s Emergency Response Team has been distributing food and survival supplies baskets in the center of Concepcion, Paney Island, in the last few days. These first distributions reached 2,659 vulnerable households including nearly 900 families of persons with disabilities. Other…
Andrew Berlin (52).Andrew is a local volunteer and member of the Deaf Association Ilo (DAI) “I was surprised to the destruction of the typhoon on TV, and I wanted to share my strength to help.” CMB staff members, CBM partner ADPI staff members and volunteers are preparing the food and survival item baskets to be distributed in the coming days to the affected population of Typhoon Haiyan. Philippines after typhoon Haiyan, November 2013.
Nov 22, 2013

cbm & its partner ADPI getting ready for food distribution in the Philippines

cbm is supporting its partner to provide what is most urgently needed for survival. We have already been buying, and are now preparing the most important items. The project is targeting thousands of vulnerable families, approximately 18,000 people. The families…
Cerilo, a 17 year old boy, had to flee with his mother when his house was destroyed during typhoon Haiyan. Cerilo is blind and has mobility challenges. Philippines after typhoon Haiyan, November 2013.
Nov 19, 2013

Typhoon update - Cerilo was not able to see the typhoon coming

When our Emergency Response team was assessing Concepcion, a small community in Iloilo province extremely affected by the typhoon on the Philippines they met Cerilo. He is blind and was hiding under a table until the storm was over. Cerilo…
Philippines after typhoon Haiyan, November 2013. - Manith, 21 years old is the daughter of Manuelito. She has cerebral palsy. Typhoon Haiyan hit their village: Barotek Viejo is a small town on the coast of Iloilo province in the Philippines. His house was wiped out and he had to carry Manith on his shoulder in the typhoon to find a shelter. They are now safe, but they lost everything.
Nov 18, 2013

Typhoon update - Manith survived thanks to her father

Chelsea, a member of cbm’s Emergency Response team, was one of the first to arrive in the devastated areas. Her first report from the field is one of many examples of how people with disabilities have been affected by typhoon…
Survivors who lost their homes use a Jeepney public bus as shelter after a super Typhoon Haiyan battered Tacloban city, central Philippines November 9, 2013. Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest typhoon in the world this year and possibly the most powerful ever to hit land battered the central Philippines on Friday, forcing millions of people to flee to safer ground, cutting power lines and blowing apart houses.
Nov 30, -0001

cbm Emergency Response - relief and recovery programme

cbm Emergency Response: fast – inclusive – sustainable Disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hunger crisis or typhoon’s like Haiyan have a huge impact on human infrastructure, lives and livelihoods. To help the most vulnerable people – people with disabilities – …
Residents gather coins and other salvageable materials from the ruins of houses after Super Typhoon Haiyan battered Tacloban city in central Philippines November 10, 2013.
Nov 11, 2013

Magnitude of typhoon Haiyan

cbm makes sure that people with disabilities are not left behind Super typhoon Haiyan – locally known as Yolanda – slammed the Philippines on Friday, November 8th, 2013. Haiyan, one of the strongest typhoons ever to hit land, was rated…
Laxmi with her family using the new water pipe for washing the dishes. d
Nov 7, 2014

Thanks to cbm Christmas arrives early in Nepal

Improving the quality of life for people with a disability who live in poverty requires more than medical treatment. Read how life for Laxmi’s family in Nepal has been transformed through an early Christmas present they could never afford, water…
A gift of ‘childhood’ for Sajana
May 2, 2014

A gift of ‘childhood’ for Sajana

Sajana walks to school every day. While this is nothing extraordinary for many children in Nepal it means a dream came true for Sajana, the girl who was shuffling on her knees for over six years. Perhaps, one of the…
Laxmi kicks the ball
Apr 8, 2014

When Laxmi ‘kicked’ a ball

Ashok can’t believe his eyes seeing Laxmi playing and running around with great joy when he visited her last. Her new leg has transformed her life completely. She couldn’t wait to show Ashok everything she is now able to do.…
My field visit in India – bumpy roads, deep poverty but truly inspirational people!
Mar 24, 2014

My field visit in India – bumpy roads, deep poverty but truly inspirational people!

Helen Green our Board Chair went to India a few weeks ago to visit one of our projects funded by the NZ government. It’s an organic farming project inclusive for people with disabilities. Helen shares with us how these people…
“It is so important to tell people about this hospital”
Jun 9, 2014

“It is so important to tell people about this hospital”

Ugandan journalists report about our partner CoRSU - an opportunity to raise awareness among families that have long lost hope. “We didn’t know that we would find help so close to where we live,” Mama Benita said, when we asked…
“Every Day I witness cbm’s life-changing work”
Mar 24, 2014

“Every Day I witness cbm’s life-changing work”

‘What difference can 'one day' make in the life of a person?’ is the question Ashok, our field co-ordinator in Nepal asked himself. It didn’t take him long to find an answer. While walking through HDRC’s corridors he witnessed how…
Meeting Vincent again
Mar 24, 2014

Meeting Vincent again

Vincent from Uganda is one of our representative Sponsor Children. His story – growing up with no parents and being blind – has inspired many Kiwi’s to become a cbm Child Sponsor. Tobias Pflanz, cbm's Fundraising Field Co-ordinator, visits Vincent…
Fancy shoes with a big effect – a donation from New Zealand
Jan 28, 2014

Fancy shoes with a big effect – a donation from New Zealand

Today it’s Tobias Pflanz, cbm's Fundraising Field Co-ordinator, who is sharing with us how New Zealanders make a difference. He is based in Uganda's capital Kampala and responsible for cbm's Representative Child Sponsorship Programme there. They are very sturdy, but…
cbm NZ welcomes new CEO Stephen Hunt
Jul 10, 2015

cbm NZ welcomes new CEO Stephen Hunt

In June 2015 the cbm NZ team is pleased to welcome their new CEO Stephen Hunt . “Simply making a difference” drove him to become a part of the cbm family. To all our wonderful cbm supporters I am humbled…
The old saying about Sticks and Stones
Feb 28, 2014

The old saying about Sticks and Stones

Words can be encouraging and strengthen others’ confidence in themselves. But words can also hurt and depress others’ self-esteem. What is the best way to figure out what the right…
Human Rights – Entitlement or Opportunity?
Feb 20, 2014

Human Rights – Entitlement or Opportunity?

Opportunity and responsibility are the heart of Human Rights. Human Rights are not supposed to remain in the government’s hands. It is on all of us to create an inclusive…