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Jamira Can Now See

Jamira Can Now See

Little Jamira’s future looked bleak due to blinding cataracts, but thanks to your generosity she can now see.

In rural Uganda, having twins is considered a great blessing. So, when Jamira’s mother, Esther, became pregnant with twins last year, she and her husband Juma were overjoyed. Everything went well until the twins, a boy and a girl, were four months old. Then, Esther noticed with increasing concern that although Wasswa, her son, was becoming more curious and starting to explore, her little girl, Jamira, was keeping her eyes closed for most of the time.

A friend advised Esther and Juma to take Jamira to a government hospital. Jamira was diagnosed with congenital bilateral cataracts in both eyes, a condition characterised by clouding of the lens, eventually causing blindness

Cataract surgery was suggested, but the family did not have the means to raise the money to pay for surgery. For six months they tried in vain to raise the much needed funds. They started to lose hope that their little Jamira would have her sight restored.

But their hope was restored thanks to your support. They found out about the cbm partnered Mengo eye hospital and the family was offered life-changing cataract surgery for Jamira at no cost.

Because of you, Jamira was able to have the surgery she so desperately needed. When her eye patches were removed, Jamira’s face beamed with delight as she was able to see her mum and dad for the first time. Juma was overcome and excited that his daughter would now have a much better future.

“Now I am sure that Jamira will live a healthy life like her twin brother. She will be able to crawl and stand with her sight being back. I thank cbm for the support and I pray they are rewarded abundantly.”

Thank you from a very grateful Esther and Juma and their healthy and happy twins.

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