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Proud Dad Moment

Proud dad moment

Young Joel Hunt jumped at the chance to voice a couple of radio adverts for cbm New Zealand, formerly the Christian Blind Mission, that have played on Life FM, Rhema and Star recently.

But what his Dad, Stephen Hunt, was most proud of was 9 year old Joel's response to seeing pictures of cbm New Zealand’s current representative sponsor child which was "look at his feet!, yep I am definitely in, I would like to help James out."

So one Friday afternoon Joel, with his Mum and Dad in tow, came into the Rhema Studio and recorded the adverts. Joel was super excited to meet a couple of the Life FM announcers and to get into the studio and do the recordings. Having to take the afternoon off school also put him in a pretty good mood.

Joel's Grandmother rang excitedly, leaving Joel messages whenever she heard the advert play. Overall the nice family Rhema vibe flowed through the whole experience. Joel loved every moment of it and without realising it learned a lot about the power of Christian radio and the plight of persons with disabilities living in poverty along the way.

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