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9 year old Annie saves 464 people from going blind

Annie bakes brownies to fundraise for cbm.

Annie, a 9 year old girl from Wellington, has truly made a difference: She saved 464 people from going blind due to river blindness! You are probably wondering how she did that?

We recently received a cheque for $232 and a card from Annie which said:

“Hi, my Name is Annie. I am 9 years old. When I grow up, I want to be able to help people and this is the beginning for me. My mum and I baked brownies to fundraise for river blindness in Africa.”

Her mother Kim explained to us how Annie decided to save people in the world’s poorest countries from going blind. Her daughter read cbm’s river blindness appeal and was moved to help. Her goal was to raise $50 to treat 100 people. But who would have thought that she could raise almost five times as much?

Annie is selling brownies to fundraise to save people from going blind.Annie’s idea was to bake chocolate brownies and to sell them at a local market. Part of her plan was to engage local businesses to help her. She convinced a local sign writer to donate a sign; the local market provided a free spot to sell her brownies and Pak n’ Save generously discounted the ingredients.

With the assistance of her mother, her best friend Sarah and brother Noah she ended up raising an impressive $232 which will save 464 people from going blind unnecessarily!

Annie, thank you so much on behalf of the children and adults living with river blindness in Africa for your great support! You have truly made a difference in people’s lives!

Do you want to help people with disabilities in the world’s poorest countries just like Annie? Follow her footsteps and donate now!

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