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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Thanks to cbm Christmas arrives early in Nepal

Laxmi with her family using the new water pipe for washing the dishes. d

Improving the quality of life for people with a disability who live in poverty requires more than medical treatment. Read how life for Laxmi’s family in Nepal has been transformed through an early Christmas present they could never afford, water at their house, all thanks to the dedicated assistance and generosity of cbm workers and supporters. 

Remember Laxmi? The nine-year-old who lost her right leg due to severe burn injuries when she was just six months old. While her siblings and friends grew up to walk, play and later attend school… little Laxmi couldn’t stand or walk on her feet - she had to walk on all fours. This went on till Laxmi was nine years old. Her parents, both peasants, had no choice but to see their daughter lag behind others and endure the challenges posed by her disability.

Dear supporters, Laxmi represents hundreds of children in remote villages of Nepal who suffer burn injuries due to open kitchen fire – injuries which often lead to severe orthopaedic impairment. Thanks to your continued support, Laxmi’s life has turned over a new leaf within a year that cbm found her. Laxmi now walks to school along with her siblings, plays football and helps her mother with a range of household tasks.

Laxmi's parents implement the water pipe in front of their hutBut, another grim reality of what life is like in the rural hilly villages of Nepal is reflected by how Laxmi’s family members, mostly her mother Shantamaya have to walk for as long as half an hour to fetch water from a nearby stream. And Shantamaya has to do this at least twice a day. Often, the entire family carries a set of vessels and brings water from the stream.

This festive season in Nepal, as Laxmi’s family was busy making preparations, we too were looking for ways to thank the family for their warmth and support –and add to their joy and celebrations. Thanks to the incredible support of HRDC fieldworkers, we could provide Laxmi’s family with a much-needed “water pipe connection”. The result is, Laxmi’s mother and siblings don’t need walk all the way to the stream anymore – there is water available right outside her hut.

Last week, I rang Laxmi’s father Buddhi asking how he feels about our “festival gift”. Buddhi replied, emotionally, “I don’t know how to thank you. It really means a lot to us, especially to my wife who had to walk so far everyday. We could have never afforded it. There couldn’t be a better festival gift than this. You have done so much for Laxmi and our family…”
Thank you for making this possible, dear supporters… May you be blessed just as you have blessed Laxmi and her family.  

With warm regards from Kathmandu,


Written by Ashok, our field co-ordinator in Nepal.


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