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“It is so important to tell people about this hospital”

“It is so important to tell people about this hospital”

Ugandan journalists report about our partner CoRSU - an opportunity to raise awareness among families that have long lost hope.

“We didn’t know that we would find help so close to where we live,” Mama Benita said, when we asked her why she hadn’t sent her daughter much earlier to CoRSU Hospital, our cbm partner in Uganda.

Her little Benita had suffered from bow legs for a long time. They caused her a lot of pain, she couldn’t walk properly. At CoRSU there are first class surgeons who would have been able to help the girl much earlier. “Well, even if we had known about the hospital, we still wouldn’t have had the money for transport, let alone a long term treatment.

We had long lost hope,” Benita´s mum adds. She earns a living by selling smoked fish. CoRSU’s CBR staff is used to answers like this, when they travel the surrounding communities in search for people with disabilities.

Ignorance is one of the reasons why parents often only take their children to the hospital at quite a late stage. That’s why we were grateful to have been able to welcome a group of Ugandan journalists at the hospital lately. They participated in a multimedia training and had asked for permission to report about CoRSU. They spent a whole morning at the hospital, interviewing doctors, other staff members and patients. Some of the journalists had already heard about the hospital for children with disabilities, others hadn’t. They were surprised to hear that CoRSU offers free surgery and treatment for children up to the age of 18 – also thanks to the generosity of our cbm supporters. 

“It’s a true place of hope, telling so many stories with a happy ending,” one of the journalists summarizes their visit. And another colleague adds: “It is so important to tell people about the hospital and the great services they offer. The demand is so high.”

If you are interested to read the articles published in the Ugandan press about that day at CoRSU, please open the links below. And by the way: Mama Benita is more than happy nowadays. Her daughter’s legs are straight – thanks to CoRSU. “I tell everyone I meet: At CoRSU Hospital children with a disability have new hope. I hadn’t known about it for a long time – but you shouldn’t wait any longer. Just go there now!”

Warm regards from Uganda
Tobias Pflanz
cbm Fundraising Field Coordinator

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