Miracles Day

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You can make Miracles happen by giving

the Miracle of Sight for just $35

Thanks to Rhema Media for supporting our Miracles Day on Thursday 21 November. It's not too late for you to show your support by becoming an Eye Champion. Deliver sight-saving surgery to people living with cataracts throughout the year by becoming a monthly partner. Donate now to make an affordable automatic tax-deductible gift each month.

What is a Miracle of Sight?

A Miracle of Sight is a $35 gift that gives someone blinded by cataracts the simple 12-minute sight-saving surgery needed to restore their sight.

Turning blindness into sight in 12-minutes… A Miracle!

Did you know?

90% of people who are vision impaired live in developing countries.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness. Although simple to treat, cataracts often lead to permanent vision loss for people living in poverty – who can’t access affordable eye-care and surgery.

Your $35, and a 12-minute operation, can change a life forever.

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1 Miracle $35
2 Miracles $70
3 Miracles $105
10 Miracles $350

Change more than one person’s future by donating more Miracles! Deliver sight-saving surgery to people living with cataracts throughout the year by becoming a monthly partner. Donate now to make an affordable automatic tax-deductible gift each month.

This month is all about Miracles! Of giving a precious Miracle gift to restore sight for children and adults.

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Turning Blindness Into Sight 

Jack lost sight in his right eye due to an injury and then his left eye clouded over with white curtains from a cataract. Unable to see, he was incapable of working and could no longer provide for his wife and new born son. He was powerless to leave the house unassisted and didn’t want to socialise with friends. People in the village didn’t know how to interact with him and even his family stopped talking with him like they used to. All Jack could do was dream of getting his vision back, so he could see his son and connect with his wife and family again. Sadly, Jack thought this was impossible and that his life was over. He became depressed, angry and withdrawn, isolation and hopelessness followed.

Jack was encouraged to make the trip to have his vision restored, and even though the travel costs were the equivalent of two months’ earnings, his parents travelled with him to provide assistance and emotional support.

Jack and his parents arrived at the outreach clinic and the cataract surgery was scheduled for the next day. Despite this good news, Jack still had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He was a challenge to engage with, and still seemed deflated. His family had bet everything they had on his vision being restored and this seemed to affect him profoundly, adding another layer of unneeded worry on his shoulders. He couldn’t think about his life after the surgery as he was afraid it would not work, and then he and his family would have nothing.

But the next day, thanks to support from people like you, that all changed.

Jack underwent surgery and Dr Geoffrey, a cbm ophthalmologist, reported a success! Initially, Dr Geoffrey wanted to operate on both eyes, but upon closer inspection, he deemed the right eye, inflicted by a past trauma, was not operable. The cataract was removed on his left eye and Dr Geoffrey was confident that Jack would have his vision restored in this eye. Jack and his parents stayed at the community clinic that night, nervously waiting for the removal of his bandage the following day.

The next morning all the surgical patients from the previous day lined up to have their bandages removed. The day before, the cbm team were able to screen and operate on the eyes of 25 people, an impressive achievement! During the week, they hoped to complete over 100 cataract surgeries, immensely changing the lives of so many individuals and their families.

Jack waited patiently in line to have his bandage removed. As it was carefully removed, relief washed over him. It was like an extreme weight was being lifted off him. He became overwhelmed with emotion as he realised he would see his son for the very first time.

Over the next day, Jack went through a remarkable transformation. He started to walk with his head held high and a broad smile stretched across his face. He willingly engaged with everyone around him and lightly pushed his father as he made jokes. Jack recalls that when he was unable to see he felt disconnected, as if he was not present and he couldn’t engage with anyone. He felt as if he had been “away” since he lost his vision. But all that changed. He can now see and connect with those around him again. He laughs, “I can’t sleep because I don’t want to stop seeing and talking to people, all I think about is getting home to see my son, my wife and my family and start my life again.”

Jack now sees his future as being bright, one in which he can work hard to provide for his family so his children can attend school, and one where he can look after his mother and father like they have looked after him.

Please help Turn Blindness into Sight for just $35 and give the Miracle of Sight today.