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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Belittled all her life

How you straightened the legs of a girl named Kedress – and healed a broken heart.

How you straightened the legs of a girl named Kedress – and healed a broken heart.

Kedress was growing up as a healthy child in central Uganda, but at the age of four she developed a severe case of Blount’s Disease. Her legs became extremely bowed, putting tremendous pressure on her knees. No longer could she fetch water or take care of the cattle as children do in pastoral Africa. It was so sore to even stand, Kedress could only sit and do dishes.

“The children at school used to abuse me because I am lame,” she explained with great sorrow. Her spirit was crushed and her heart was broken. Her family did not know how to help her.

Then you came into her life. Her family heard about CoRSU - the disability hospital you support in Uganda.

Thanks to you, Kedress received surgery to straighten her legs – absolutely free of charge, because her family was simply too poor to pay.

After surgery, it takes practice to learn to stand up straight. Poor Kedress was afraid to try. That is how downcast she had become. Gradually, though, she took courage and started walking with crutches.

When she returned home, the whole village marvelled at how straight her legs had become. They had never seen a miracle like this before. They all pledged to help her keep up the exercises that will make her legs perfectly strong and straight.

From bowed legs and pain, to straight legs and happiness: these are the wonderful transformations you are making possible for children every day, with your cbm child sponsorship. From Kedress and from all of us, thank you!

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