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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Gifts of Life

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Disability in the classroom $1,000

Disability in the classroom

Your gift will help students living with a disability get the help they need - teacher training, supply of equipment and Braille machines.
Give sight to a child $230

Give sight to a child

A simple operation - cataract surgery under general anaesthetic so children don't wriggle followed by intensive after-care - is a gift that lasts forever, giving a child a much brighter…
Trachoma prevention $25

Trachoma prevention

You can keep children in the poorest communities free of blinding trachoma by providing medicine to prevent and cure this disease.
Adult Cataract Surgery $35

Adult Cataract Surgery

Give the life-changing gift of cataract surgery to restore sight. Adult surgery only takes 12 minutes.
Help a child to walk $45

Help a child to walk

Give a child the gift of movement by providing crutches, a leg brace or a walking frame. This will enable them to join in and play with their friends.
Start a business $300

Start a business

Help someone to become independent and earn their own income to provide for the family. By supporting a person with disability to start their own business you enable them to…
Where needed most $100

Where needed most

Giving us freedom to give this gift where needed most. We will ensure that it transforms lives and restores hope.
Give a chicken $10

Give a chicken

Give the gift of a chicken, a chicken house and vaccination to a person with a disability. The eggs will feed the family.
Buy a beehive $150

Buy a beehive

Give a beehive and the required equipment to a person with a disability to produce and sell honey. Your gift will enable them to earn a living.
Give a goat $50

Give a goat

Help a person with a disability to buy a goat - not only do they provide milk, but they can also make manure for growing food.
Cataract Surgery for a year $420

Cataract Surgery for a year

Give the life-changing gift of cataract surgery to restore sight and life to 12 people.
Large polyhouse $5,000

Large polyhouse

By making this wonderful gift you will be changing the lives of people in a community. This wheelchair accessible polyhouse can double crop size and provides employment for people living…
Life-changing fistula surgery $200

Life-changing fistula surgery

This will help transform the life of a woman living with obstetric fistula.
cbm calendar 2017 $12

cbm calendar 2017

Grab your copy of our 2017 calendar and get a BIG SMILE each month. As you turn over a new page, you'll see the lives you're changing every day! Purchase…
cbm Christmas cards $10

cbm Christmas cards

Support cbm by sending Christmas cards to your loved ones. A pack includes ten Christmas cards that will bring love and joy to your friends and family. The cards are standard…
Train a specialist paediatric eye nurse $2,000

Train a specialist paediatric eye nurse

Infants and children with medical eye issues need extra-special care. Help a nurse to learn these skills.