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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Gifts of Life

Buying Gifts of Life is easy. Give the gift of life by simply choosing your gifts by adding a gift to the cart, view your cart and then proceed to check out and pay.

Gifts of $5 or more are tax deductible. (except for the Binti Dolls, Christmas cards, blank cards and calendar) Your gifts will be invested prudently in what you’ve given to, or where it’s needed most.

Give a chicken $10

Give a chicken

Give the gift of a chicken and a chicken house to a person with a disability. The eggs will feed the family.
A beautiful Binti Doll $10

A beautiful Binti Doll

Binti dolls are made with love by women recovering from Fistula. Your support offers them hope.
Blank gift cards $10

Blank gift cards

Support cbm by purchasing these beautiful cards, blank for your own message. Sold in packs of 10 cards and envelopes.
Christmas Wishes Cards $10

Christmas Wishes Cards

Our Christmas cards not only remind friends and family that you are thinking of them at Christmas, they provide help where most needed to people living in poverty and disability.
cbm Calendar 2019 $15

cbm Calendar 2019

Our beautifully photographed 2019 calendar shows our work across the world, with space to note down birthdays and appointments.
Grow vegetables $20

Grow vegetables

These seeds will be planted and nurtured by a mother, and the healthy vegetables will be fed to her children with love.
Prevent Trachoma $25

Prevent Trachoma

You can keep people in the world’s poorest places free from blinding Trachoma by providing medication to prevent and cure this disease.
Life-changing adult cataract surgery $35

Life-changing adult cataract surgery

Give the gift of cataract surgery to restore sight. The operation only takes 12 minutes.
Give a goat $50

Give a goat

Help a person with a disability to buy a goat – they provide milk and manure for growing food.
Help a child to walk $50

Help a child to walk

Give a child the gift of movement by providing crutches, a leg brace or a walking frame. This will enable them to join in and play with their friends.
Help a child to read $75

Help a child to read

Simply having a pair of glasses makes all the difference to children with poor vision. They can see the blackboard in the classroom and read their books.
Help in an emergency $100

Help in an emergency

Emergencies happen! And when they do we need to help those with disabilities straight away. Your donation will ensure we can.
Where needed most $100

Where needed most

Give us the freedom to give this gift where most needed, transforming lives and restoring hope.
Milk from a cow $150

Milk from a cow

Your gift will give a family a cow, providing milk and manure for growing food.
Life-changing fistula surgery $200

Life-changing fistula surgery

Help to transform the life of a woman living with obstetric fistula.
Give sight to a child $230

Give sight to a child

A simple operation – cataract surgery under anaesthetic so children don’t wriggle – is a gift that transforms lives.
Start a business $300

Start a business

Give someone the gift of independence and the ability to provide for their family.
Cataract surgery for a year $420

Cataract surgery for a year

Give the gift of sight to 12 people - one every month next year.
Disability in the classroom $750

Disability in the classroom

Your gift will give a student with a disability the help they need in the classroom.
Fund an outreach clinic $1,000

Fund an outreach clinic

So many people cannot afford to get to a hospital. Help us to find and treat them where they live with specialist mobile clinics.
Train a specialist paediatric eye nurse $2,000

Train a specialist paediatric eye nurse

Infants and children with medical eye issues need extra-special care. Your donation will make sure nurses can provide this.
Fruit and veggies in the greenhouse $3,000

Fruit and veggies in the greenhouse

This wonderful gift of a polyhouse will help people with disabilities to grow crops under cover, warm and protected from insects.
Operating Microscope for intricate surgery $5,000

Operating Microscope for intricate surgery

Specialist surgeons operate on delicate eyes. Your generosity will ensure that they have magnified vision to see what they are doing.