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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Kenyan Appeal

Many thousands of people are struggling to feed their families in Western Africa..

Right now, 13 year old Sira is fighting to survive. The most severe drought in over 30 years is ravaging through the Horn of Africa region in East Africa, where Sira lives. Water sources have dried up, crops have been destroyed and livestock are dying.

It won’t be long before people like Sira are dying too.

We urgently need to respond by providing food, water and emergency relief – before it is too late.

The New Zealand Government is committing to helping us act to save lives and has agreed to match every dollar you give.

Please donate now to protect the most vulnerable people facing starvation. Your donation could provide food for a child like Sira. Already one of the poorest counties on the planet, families like Sira’s rely on their small plots of land for their daily food. This drought – which has been intensified by the effects of Global Warming – means that dirty, disease-ridden river water has become the only option for many.

Sira is completely blind. She relies on her brothers and sisters for survival. One of her brothers is also disabled and earns what he can be begging at the local village. But in the village where Sira lives, no-one is spared the nightmare of this drought; no one has food to spare for Sira’s family.

During emergencies like this, people living with disabilities are among the most vulnerable. Even when relief is delivered, people like Sira often cannot access it because they don’t’ hear about it or physically are not able to reach it.

We’re already on the ground in Kenya working with our partners to provide emergency relief and save the lives of people who are worst affected by this drought.

We need your help to urgently take the following action:

  • Give food to school children – and to the children with disabilities who are not able to get to school
  • When people have little to eat or drink they tend to become ill quickly. We need to provide easy to access health care services, including outreach clinics
  • Access to clean and safe drinking water

Please send a life-saving donation today which will be matched by the NZ Government. Your donation could help to ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable people in Kenya receive the food, water and medical support they urgently need.

Luke 3:11 “He who has two coats, let him share with him who has none; and he how has food let him do likewise.”