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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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With every blink of her eyes, Joyce was closer to going needlessly blind.

Can you imagine life without your sight?

Or worse still imagine if every time you blinked you knew you were a moment closer to going permanently blind but were powerless to stop it.

That’s a reality for millions of people in the world’s poorest places today – people going blind from easily treatable illnesses like Trachoma. People like Joyce, who told us that she just expected to go blind from Trachoma.



When we met Joyce in a small African village, we saw a woman in a desperate situation. Unable to walk due to a childhood illness and with no income other than support from a daughter and her local church, Joyce was barely making ends meet for herself and her family. When she felt the onset of the painful and highly contagious Trachoma disease, she just accepted her fate: one day she would go blind – and she nearly did.

As Joyce’s Trachoma worsened, her eyelids turned inwards and, with every blink of her eyes, she could feel her broken eyelashes scraping across her cornea; slowly and painfully sending her blind.

But, thanks to the generosity of cbm supporters, Joyce did not go blind.

Joyce’s sight and hope for her future have been restored. And, soon Joyce will receive a wheelchair so she can move around more easily and help her daughter around the farm.

Yet Joyce’s story is just one of many. Trachoma is the leading cause of infectious preventable blindness in the world. Millions of people just like her are needlessly going blind from a disease which is so easy to treat.

You and I can make sure that people like Joyce receive the help they need.

Your donation will help an entire village by educating the community about how to avoid the infection that can lead to blindness.

Together, we can be Jesus’ hands and feet, helping to save sight and changing lives forever.

Today, I am asking for your urgent help so that people like Joyce will not go needlessly blind. You will also multiply your gift 8 times. Every $1 you give will be multiplied by 8 thanks to our partnership with healthcare Pfizer ™.

As you partner with cbm, you are standing with us to ensure that the most vulnerable people do not get left behind. I hope that today you can help us to save someone’s sight.