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River Blindness

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It begins as a chill that spreads up the back of your neck and raises the hair on your arms. The sudden clenching of the stomach; the tightness of the chest.

It happens when a child isn’t home on time. When the phone rings in the middle of the night. When a loved one clutches at his or her heart.

It’s fear.

That paralysing fear that haunts you when your loved ones are in pain and there’s nothing you can do.

It’s this fear that terrorizes thousands of our brothers and sisters in Africa – every single day.

Many men, women and children live in sub-Saharan Africa where black flies breed along rivers and streams. These black flies are often infected by a worm called Onchecerca volvulus. When these tiny black flies bite, they spread a horrifying disease known as River Blindness.

Without medicine to stop it, every person infected will experience extreme itching, unbearable pain … and irreversible blindness.

It’s so common in the most remote communities where these black flies breed, that virtually all of the elderly in an affected village will go blind. It’s almost inevitable. That’s the fear terrorizing kids, moms and dads and grandparents like Therese.

Fortunately, by the grace of God, there is a cure for River Blindness. It is a medicine called Mectizan® - and we have access to this miracle medicine FREE of charge.

Now we just need your help to get it to Therese and thousands of others living in fear. That’s right – God can use you and me to deliver His hope and healing.

Every dollar you donate will send $7 worth of medicine to the kids, parents and caregivers living in fear of River Blindness because the drug used to treat River Blindness, Mectican® has been donated free of charge by the pharmaceutical company Merck and Co™.

God wants His children to be whole and healthy. With your help, we’re determined to reach every last person at risk of River Blindness, until this terrifying disease is a thing of the past. I believe we can – but we need to work together.

Therese knows exactly what it feels like to live in fear of River Blindness. She’s had the disease for 11 years … and lives with the terror that her precious 3 year-old granddaughter, Davina, will catch it.

Therese used to gather water near a fast-moving river near her village. Here she was bitten by a black fly.

When the black fly bit Therese, microscopic worms burrowed under her skin – then started reproducing hundreds of thousands of larvae.

I remember that my skin started to itch so very much – it was awful” Therese recalls.

This unbearable itching was caused by toxins released by the dying larvae. Eventually, the tiny worms made their way through Therese’s body and into her eyes, where the toxins destroyed her optic nerve.

The doctors tried to save the vision in her right eye by removing the left. But it didn’t work. Even after losing her left eye, she went blind in her right eye as well.

Mectizan® could have saved Therese’s sight. But the treatment had not yet reached her village.

We know that our plan works. We have ALREADY eliminated River Blindness in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Mali and Senegal.

By giving Mectizan® to every person in an infected community for 10 to 15 years, together we can kill every adult worm – GUARANTEED.