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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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When a little child like Joel Swai is born blind with congenital Cataracts, he faces a very brief window of opportunity when doctors can operate and restore his sight. If they wait too long, Joel’s eyes will simply stop developing.

Connections in his brain that process vision will also stop developing and that means he will be unable to “learn” to see. If too much time goes by, even the most skilled eye doctor in the world won’t be able to save his sight.

That means that for the children you can help me to reach today, the clock is already ticking. You might be surprised to hear it, but it’s very important to know.

A gift from you of $230 could cover the cost of a surgery, saving the sight of a precious child, transforming their life. But a gift of any size will help. For instances, $50 could help provide surgical equipment, or $100 could train a doctor in surgical techniques to save thousands of children’s sight.

Your gift can help treat a child right away. You’ll send help to mums who don’t yet know their child has Cataracts or who don’t believe anything can be done about it.

It’s crucial to react as quickly as we possibly can. With your support, cbm helps hospitals like Kabgayi Eye Clinic in Rwanda provide treatment to poor children like Joel whose parents could barely afford to travel to a hospital, and were unable to ever imaging being able to pay for the delicate eye surgery required for their precious son.

Every day that goes by without surgery is another day a child’s eyes and brain don’t fully develop.

Please help us to reach these children now – before their eyes stop developing. So that when they are old enough to start school, they can sit in the classroom and see what the teacher is writing on the blackboard.

Help them so that they can learn to read, write and train for better jobs, so that their own children don’t have to grow up in poverty. I want to thank you in advance for giving what you can today. Thank you for reaching children in this crucial period, while their blindness is still reversible.

Time is running out to get medication to people like Joel before they lose their sight forever. Will you please send an urgent gift today by clicking on the donate button below