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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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If you walked down any street in New Zealand and asked the first ten people you saw if they knew what trachoma is – how many would know the answer?

But, if you walked through a rural community in Ethiopia you might come across six-year old Kuma who has active trachoma. He would tell you. “It feels as though there is sand in my eyes – and I need to get it out of my eyes. Sometimes it hurts so much I have tears flowing down my eyes. When my eyes hurt, I start getting headaches”.

This little boy can describe so vividly what the infection does to him. The pain in his eyes… the tears, the headaches. My heart just aches for this little child who is obviously so familiar with the pain of trachoma.

 But this pain is preventable…it always has been.

We have the cure – both the antibiotics to treat the infection and the surgery to prevent blindness. We know what access to clean water and improved sanitation will stop the spread of this painful, vicious infection.

Will you help? Right now, our teams are partnering in Outreach Camps across Ethiopia. We’ve got support from a healthcare company who will multiply the effect of your donation – giving us the best chance to get medication to villages now and stop the spread of Trachoma.

Joyce’s sight and hope for her future have been restored. And, soon Joyce will receive a wheelchair so she can move around more easily and help her daughter around the farm.

With your support, we can wipe out trachoma in entire communities and rescue a whole generation of children from excruciating pain and blindness..

But, we need to act fast. Antibiotics are ready now to be distributed

And because right now, every dollar you give will be multiplied to become 8 times the value of antibiotics, we know we stand a very good chance of stopping it – for good. Please help us to save children and their parents from going unnecessarily blind..