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Families living in developing countries often struggle for livelihood. Their income is low. Imagine having a child with a disability but not the money for medical treatment. What would you do?

Edrine is 8 years old and lives in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. He was born with bilateral clubfoot which has been neglected. He never knew how walking without constant pain felt like. His family was too poor to afford treatment for him.

Edrine’s dream: “I would love to be able to walk without those bent feet, just like all the other children. Later I want to be the president or a doctor!”

The first part of his dream has already come true: at CoRSU Hospital in Kampala he first received a cast to lengthen his foot and after surgery a few more casts followed over several weeks.

Today Edrine can walk free of pain and play like all other children. That’s the greatest gift Edrine and his family ever received – thanks to cbm Child Sponsors!

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