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Thank you for making

Thanks to our donors Rhema and cbm's Miracles Day on the 14th September was a great success. Together we have given sight-saving cataract surgery to over 3,000 people living with the double disadvantage of extreme poverty and disability. These people will be able to return to work, see their family and participate fully in community life. You have restored not only their sight but have given them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and have a bright future.

Aljon (13) and Margil (11) were born with cataracts in both eyes. Because of their impairments they were bullied at school and had few friends.  Subsequently they left school and began working for their parents selling small packets of coffee and oysters gathered from the nearby ocean that they cook over a fire.  Sadly their parents were unable to afford specialist medical care. In addition to their meager income they have seven other children. Thanks to your support cbm was able to help Aljon and Margil restore their sight by providing both of them with the miracle of life changing cataract surgery.

This surgery is especially crucial for children like Margil because if their cataracts were not corrected they risked becoming permanently blind.  Though cataract surgery costs $35 for adults it costs $230 for children because they require general anaesthetic and intensive after-care.

You still can help by donating online or by calling cbm at 0800 113 114.