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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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How it Works

As a cbm Child Sponsor, your gifts are working in the poorest countries, where up to 80% of children with a disability will die without help before their 5th birthday.

Our cbm Child Sponsorship works in three ways:

Children with a disability are often hidden away in dark corners. Your gifts help us to find them.

   Children with disabilities often need urgent medical care or intensive rehabilitation. Your sponsorship provides urgently needed treatment that
   will save their lives.

   Once a child's impairment is treated, we can't send them back home alone. Your sponsorship helps break down the traditional fear of disability,
   so children are welcomed back into their families, schools and communities.

What is unique about cbm's Child Sponsorship? 

It focuses on children with a disability

You are helping children who can't see or walk or hear. Children that are often hidden away out of shame and superstition. Schools often turn away children with disabilities. Families slide further into poverty, because caring for children with disabilities leaves less time and energy to make a living.

Thanks to cbm Child Sponsors these children rejected because of their disability are welcomed into school and their community. You improve their lives forever.

One featured child each year represents all the children being helped in the programme
We will take you on a journey with a representative child. This sponsorship is less complex and expensive to administer; therefore more of your money is invested in improving children’s lives.

What does your sponsorship cover? 

Your sponsorship covers the cost of surgery and rehabilitation for one child. You are investing in sight-saving, leg-straightening, life-changing work.
You help families and communities lift themselves out of poverty, by providing job training, business coaching and small loans. Read our success stories here.

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