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Seven-year-old Dinesh lives in a steep, perilous and very poor part of Nepal - the ravines that rise towards the world’s highest mountains. He was born with two life-limiting disabilities: cleft palate and an entire leg missing.

How sad little Dinesh’s life has been. Two years ago he suffered even more heartbreak when his beloved mother died, he misses her so much. Now Dinesh is being left further behind as his friends go off to school. Education is Dinesh’s one sure hope of rising above extreme poverty, but he can’t possibly get to school an hours walk away. With just one leg, Dinesh dares not crawl far from his thatched-roof hut as it is extremely difficult to move about. His emerging sense of self is being deeply affected.

His case is very challenging. He has no thigh or knee to anchor a prosthetic leg, it needs to be strapped to his waist by a harness, with joints to replace his missing hip and knee. If this can happen, it will change everything. Even just being able to stand will be a huge boost to Dinesh’s confidence and sense of dignity. It will take a long time to design and build his new leg, support him in using it and teach him to take the first steps of his life.

The cleft palate made it very hard for Dinesh to get the nutrition he needed, but as soon as cbm found him arrangements were made to repair it. One of his disabilities has already been solved and hope is beginning to shine in Dinesh’s life, thanks to cbm Child Sponsors.

This one child will represent all the many children you are helping with your child sponsorship. You will enjoy seeing Dinesh’s journey with the help of your generosity.

Please become a cbm Child Sponsor today and help children like Dinesh overcome the double disadvantage of poverty and disability.

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