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rebeccaRebecca has lived with pain, poverty and prejudice, every day of her life. This five-year old little girl in Uganda has double clubfoot. Her feet are turned inwards and she has to walk on her ankles, which is very painful and awkward for her.

Rebecca and her mother live in such extreme poverty, they cannot afford just $2 a year to use the local water well. Free water is an hour’s walk away. That is much too far for Rebecca to walk. The nearest free school is too far as well, so Rebecca is missing out on her one way out of poverty. Education.

Rebecca and her mother can only afford one meal a day. There is nothing left for the clubfoot surgery, braces, therapy and special shoes Rebecca urgently needs.

On top of all this pain and poverty comes prejudice about disability. Her mother says, “someone asked what crime I committed to deserve a baby like her.” Unable to pay for treatment, hospitals have turned them away.

Now, though, hope is beginning to shine in Rebecca’s life, thanks to cbm Child Sponsors. A mobile clinic came to her village from CoRSU, a disability hospital supported our Child Sponsors support in Uganda.

Rebecca’s care is being arranged with urgency, because clubfoot gets harder to treat as children get older. “I am so grateful,” says Rebecca’s mother. If you become a cbm Child Sponsor today, you will be able to follow Rebecca’s progress and witness her life change completely.

This one child will represent all the many children you are helping with your child sponsorship. You will enjoy see Rebecca’s feet becoming strong and straight with the help of your generosity.

Please become a cbm Child Sponsor today and help children like Rebecca overcome the double disadvantage of poverty and disability.

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