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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Eye care including cataract, glaucoma & diabetic retinopathy

Duration: Jan 2017 to Dec 2018
Local partner: Communaute des Eglises Emmanual (CEEM)

This project will equip the Bujumbara Eye Clinic to respond to significant needs for eye care in Burundi.

In 2015 a cbm New Zealand supporter contributed to an extension and upgrade of the clinic. This project will enable the supply of modern eye surgical equipment improving the quality of the eye care performed and increasing surgical output.


People with disabilities are PNG’s largest minority group, facing significant  barriers that impede access to health, education, livelihood and decision-making activities they are entitled to access. Traditional superstition and stigma cause exclusion, abuse and neglect across the country despite Government support for disability rights. People with disabilities often remain dependent on the support of others, unproductive and among the poorest. Children with disabilities are not being prepared for school. Those in school do not progress well as the current teaching methods do not cater for their unique learning needs.

Burundi is home to 10.5 million people. With 80% of the population living in poverty, it is ranked 184th poorest out of 188 countries in the world. When it opened in 2001 the Bujumbura Clinic was staffed by visiting ophthalmologists. Now it employs local ophthalmologists, has a good reputation for surgery and eye consultations and runs outreach clinics for people who cannot travel.
The clinic is unable to meet an overwhelming demand for eye care in the region. New equipment is desperately needed to treat eye conditions such as:
Cataract - a cloudy lens that covers the eye. According to the WHO cataract causes over 50% of blindness in the world.
Glaucoma - a group of diseases that cause damage to the optic nerve. Africa has the highest incidence of glaucoma in the world. It is not curable but if detected early enough can be treated to slow its onset.
Diabetic Retinopathy - affects blood vessels in the retina that line the back of the eye. It is the most common cause of vision loss among people with diabetes.

By providing modern equipment necessary to boost the quantity and quality of eye consultations and eye surgeries performed by the Bujumbura Clinic to ensure its long term sustainability.


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