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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Miracles Day

Restore sight to the world’s poorest people by giving the miracle of cataract surgery. On September 14th Rhema and Christian Blind Mission (cbm) are partnering to raise funds for cataract surgeries for people in the world’s poorest countries. Become an Eye Champion by giving a monthly donation of $35 to restore sight and life to families like Hamid’s.

cbm helped Hamid Hussain’s family after his wife Hamida passed away in 2007. The five youngest of their nine children, aged between 12 and 35 years, have bilateral cataract. Hamid can't recall if they were born with cataract. He was a migrant labourer for a long time and was seldom able to be home while they were growing up. After his wife died he stayed at home and sold vegetables while looking after the children.  He describes how “People in the village used to talk among themselves…That house has so many blind children, their children are cursed. Don’t talk to them, or you might also become blind. They never invited us to their weddings or any special occasions. We were treated like outcasts by the village. It was very disturbing.” Due to their impairments, Hamid’s children became very dependent on him and they were unable to go to school or complete simple daily tasks.  

Cataracts are the cause of 51% of blindness in the world. But loss of sight is not the only issue that people with blindness are facing. They are often dependent on their family and banished from their communities.  

cbm has been  helping the Hussain family to regain their sight by partnering with eye hospitals to provide affordable treatment. Two sons Mimara (20) and Ajmal (18) received cataract surgery last year. Their sister Sazda (25) is waiting for her two year old to be more independent before she receives surgery as her husband is a travelling labourer who has to keep working. Hamid's two youngest sons Motakabber (15) and Mayil (12) have just received surgery on one eye each. Mayil's surgery required a general anaesthtetic as he is still a child.  However Motakabber's operation was conducted under local anaesthetic and took just 15 minutes. After the operation the surgeon removed the cloudy lens covering the eye, and replaced it with a clear, new lens, which will last a lifetime. Now he along with his brothers have the opportunity to live independent lives. 

With your help, cbm can continue restoring sight and ensure that people from the worlds poorest countries have access to surgery and eye care services that would otherwise be unavailable. Become an Eye Champion today, to give the miracle of sight and restored life.

Donate Now      Click “$35” and select “monthly” to become an Eye Champion today.