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Transforming Lives

Trachoma is a devastating Neglected Tropical Disease which causes agony and permanent blindness if not treated in time.
Ansha tells her agonising story:

My young son took a torch and looked. He said an eyelash was scratching my eyeball. He used his fingers to pull it out...”

Every month, Ansha and her son would pull out her lashes to stop them scraping her eyeballs. Her eyes would itch and weep with irritation as they grew back.

The constant itching and irritation made her eyes water until she couldn’t see. She found it difficult to work and take care of her children. She says:

“There are times in the year when we hardly have enough food to survive. We have six children and my mother lives with us. I worried for their future. I need to be able to look after them.”

Ansha was devastated when she found out her children were at risk of picking up the infection too. The thought of her children – the youngest only two years old – suffering such excoriating pain was too much for her to bear. She says:

“I worried constantly. I didn’t want them to live with this pain."

With the help of kind supporters like you, a cbm-supported health worker gave Ansha medication to treat her infection.

But there are thousands of families like Ansha’s who, right now, are still in need of sight-saving medication. And time is running out to send a donation that will help get that medication to them before they go blind.

Time is running out to get medication to people like Ansha before they lose their sight forever. Will you please send an urgent gift today by clicking on the donate button below

Every $1 of any donation you make will send $8 worth of this free sight-saving Zithromax medicine to places where people will otherwise go blind from Trachoma